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VOLUME 2                NUMBER 2                                  2006         




Education as a Fundamental Right: Building a New Paradigm                                                         207

Ken Gormley


Religion in Public School Curricula in the United States and Ireland:                               230

The Legal Balance Between Educational Authority and

Individual Rights

Patrick D. Pauken                                                                                                               


The Crumbling Academic Freedom Consensus and the Threat of U.S.                           263

Antiterrorism Policy           

Elizabeth Barker Brandt


Education Rights in Multicultural Context                                                                             317

E.L. Cerroni-Long


At the Intersection of the United States’ Post-911 Immigration Practices and               332

Its Domestic Policies: Can Katrina Serve as a Catalyst for Change?

Michele Alexandre


Brown v. Board of Education, Black Culture, and the American Identity                      341

Leland Ware and Melva L. Ware


Compulsory Attendance and Parental Rights: There Are Limits                                       360

Vanessa S. Browne-Barbour                          


International Agreements and Religion in Schools                                                               378

Christopher Hardaway


Good News? Advancing Religion Through Litigation Against                                          403  

The Public School

Cathie L. Fields


Litigation and Other Considerations in School Finance Reform in Ohio                          441

Sandra K. McKinley