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VOLUME 1                NUMBER 3                WINTER 2005          



Epoch of Gender Equity: Recent Progress and Uncertain Future                                         178

Kern Alexander


Rights Come From Understanding the Wrongs of the Past: Using a Historical                   188

Perspective to Examine the Struggle for Gender Equality in America

Sylvia Meija                                                                                                         


Ongoing Barriers to Progress for Women’s Equity in Education:                                           200

The Cultural Context of Success and the Promise of Change                   

Jay Jang Van Kirk


Gender Discrimination Litigation in Higher Education: The United States                          227

and England        

Judith Ann Trolander


Paradigms Lost: Cultural and Legal Implications of Gender Ambiguity                             247

Joy A. Bilharz


Globalization and Its Impact on Women in the Third World                                                290

E. Wangari, W. Kamau, A.M. Kinyau


Approximations to the Multiplicity of Meaning the Phrase Women’s Rights                       305

Carries in Spanish America

Helia M. Corral                         


Choked by Culture: U.S. Latinas in the ERA of Post Feminism and the                            316

Millennial Generation

Raul A. Galoppe


Are Women Making a Difference?  Looking Beyond the State in Addressing                     334

Violence Against Women in India and Pakistan

Rekha Datta