Forum on Public Policy                      


VOLUME 1                NUMBER 2                WINTER 2005          



Gender Equity and the Rise of Universal Public Education                                                           1

Kern Alexander


Gender and the Brain: Can Intellectual Abilities Be Defined by                                                 20

Biological Differences?     

Jennifer Musa                                                                                                      


Addressing the Leadership Gap: Preparing Gifted Women to Take                                          41

Their Rightful Places on the World Stage                      

Zoa Rockenstein


Personal and Collective Efficacy: Critical Components of Women’s                                       57

 Leadership in Higher Education

Gypsy M. Denzine


The Right to be: African American Women and the Struggle for Human and                       80

Civil Rights in the United States

Diana L. Hayes


Leadership as Shared Dignity                                                                                                        96

Judith Bowker


Transforming Communities: An Examination of a Womanist Paradigm                                109            

and its  Universality in Human Rights  

Antoinette Ellis-Williams                         


Thirty Years of Title IX: A Review of Gender Equity in American Education                      129

Leila Brammer


The Impact of  Sports on Adolescent Development: The Importance of Title IX               153

Dana C. Jack


Women in Academia: An Analysis of their Expectations, Performance and Pay                160

Sonia Dalmia, Daniel C. Giedeman, Helen A. Klein, Nancy M. Levenburg