Volume 2016 no 1

Vol 2016 no 1

Childhood Issues

Design of Classroom Intervention for Teaching Preschoolers to Identify and Avoid Inhaling Secondhand Tobacco Smoke, Karen S. Calabro, Thuan A. Le, Salma K.Marani, Irene Tamí-Maury, Katarzyna W. Czerniak, Georges E. Khalil, Alexander V. Prokhorov
Brain Science and Teaching: A Forty-Year Personal History, Linda Faye Kirby, Shepherd University, Lecturer, West Virginia

Literature, Language and the Arts

Metaphysical Poetry as an Expression of Religious Experience and Foundation of Religious Faith, John H Dreher, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California
The Power of Life Histories: Moving Readers to Greater Acts of Empathy Through Literature and Memoir Valarie G. Lee, Associate Professor, College of Education, Rowan University and Marjorie E. Madden, Associate Professor, College of Education, Rowan University
Birds, Humans, and Taking Flight in Shakespeare’s First Tetralogy, Karoline Szatek-Tudor, Professor of English, Curry College
The Branching of 19th Century American Gothic Literature from its European RootsGlenn Turner, D.Div, Associate Professor of English and International Studies, Elgin Community College
The Evolution of Capitalism: A Comparison of British and American Literature Peter A. Stanwick, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Auburn University
Exploring Spiritual Needs in the Classroom – Implications for EducatorsRussell G. Yocum, Professor, Liberty University, School of Education;  Susan Densmore-James, Assistant Professor, University of West Florida, School of Education; Laura A. Staal, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Pembroke, School of Education; Elyse C. Alder, Assistant Professor, Liberty University, School of Education; Dana A. E. Yocum, Student, Liberty University, School of Education

Women and Education

Women, Education and the Material Body Politic in Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindications, Elizabeth Bernath, University of Toronto, Canada
Social Justice Activism: Feminism and Strategies for Action, Rachel Fernflores, Ph.D. Philosophy Department, California Polytechnic State University, California
A Predominately Female Accounting Profession: Lessons from the Past and Other Professions, Donna Whitten Ph.D., Associate Professor of Business; Accounting, College of Business, Purdue University NorthWest