Volume 2011 No. 3

Vol 2011 No 3

Global Insecurity

Toward a Contemporary Definition of Terrorism
Lanier Burns, Research Professor, Dallas Seminary  
Toward a Contemporary Definition of Terrorism
Lanier Burns, Research Professor, Dallas Seminary    

Higher Education

Methodologies for Motivating Student Learning Through Personal Connections
Craig E. Abrahamson, Professor of Psychology, James Madison University
Disillusionment with Higher Education In the Middle East and the United States
Judith A. Cochran, Professor, University of Missouri–St. Louis
High School Graduation Rates of Potential First Generation College Students:  A Qualitative Case Study
Jacqueline O. Dansby and Gloria Dansby-Giles
Critical Concerns for Oral Communication Education in the United States and the United Kingdom
Richard Emanuel, Professor of Communication, Alabama State University
Exporting English Pronunciation from China: The Communication Needs of Young Chinese Scientists as Teachers in Higher Education Abroad
Greta Gorsuch, Professor, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, Texas Tech University
Building in a New Context in Danish University Teaching with some Remarkable Results
Mogens Noergaard Olesen, Associate Professor, Department Of Economics, University Of Copenhagen
A Longitudinal Study of School Districts’ Sustained Improvement
Pauline M. Sampson, Associate Professor, Stephen F. Austin State University
Are College Rankings An Indicator of Quality Education?
William Schmidt, Nathan Burroughs, Lee Cogan, and Richard Houang

Religion, Ethics and Values

The Dome in Christian and Islamic Sacred Architecture
Theresa Grupico, lecturer, Department of Art and Design, Monmouth University
Peace Among Religions: Hans Küng’s Analysis of Christian and Muslim Paradigms  of Social Justice in Search of a Global Ethic
Richard H. Morgan, Professor, School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook University
Muslim-Christian Cooperation and Conflict: Lessons from the Case Study of Lebanon
Barry Preisler, Adjunct Professor, Sonoma State University
Religion, Politics, and American Foreign Policy in the Middle East
Robert A. Sedler, Distinguished Professor of Law, Wayne State University
Beyond Ethical Codes: A Call For Critical Thinking In Religious Culture
Isidoro Talavera, Lead Faculty, Department of Humanities & Communication Arts, Franklin University

Women’s Issues

Concealments and Revelations in the Self-Portraits of Female Painters
Kim Cliett Long, Director of Distance Learning/Assistant Professor of Organizational Management, Wiley College
The life experience of Middle Eastern immigrant women to the United States: The case of Iranian women in Minnesota
Farah Gilanshah, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Minnesota-Morris
History of Women: Women’s Contribution to Aviation
Jacqueline R. Luedtke, Associate Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
The Grimké Sisters of Charleston, SC: Abolitionist and Feminist Leaders
Amy Thompson McCandless
Simone de Beauvoir’s Philosophical Sexism: Implications for the Philosophy of Posterity
Jim I. Unah and Otto Dennis
Noblesse Oblige”: Pearl Buck’s Platonic Conception of Self
Jennie Wang, Professor, Dept. of English Language, Literature, and Linguistics, Providence University, Taiwan