Volume 2010 No. 3

Vol 2010 no 3


Press Release Statement from Environment Group
Predicting Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity: Geographic Range Shifts
Mark C. Andersen, Professor, Department of Fish Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, New Mexico State University
Global Environmental Justice Beyond Copenhagen: Footprints, Fairness and the Future of the Planet
Paul W. Brandt-Rauf, University of Illinois at Chicago
Integrated environmental policy from a regional perspective in Slavic Eurasia
Osamu Ieda, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University
Russia’s Role In The Post-2012 Climate Change Policy: Key Contradictions And Uncertainties
Elena Lioubimtseva, Associate Professor, Geography and Planning Department and  Director, Environmental Studies Program,  Grand Valley State University
Sustainable development under ambitious medium term target of reducing greenhouse gases
Ryuji Matsuhashi, Kae Takase, Tsuyoshi Yoshioka, Yuki Imanish, and Yoshikuni Yoshida
Global Warming and International Trade: The Role of Economic Cooperation between Developed and Developing Countries for Sustainable Economic Growth
Atsuko Matsumura, Department of Economics, Tokyo International University
Carbon sequestration potential and financial trade-offs associated with loblolly pine and cherrybark oak management in Mississippi
Prakash Nepal, Robert K. Grala and Donald L. Grebner


Ethics, Information, Ontology: Reflections on Public Policy
Charles Bonner, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island
The Spillover of Systemic Ethical Behaviour
Alejandro Cañadas, Assistant Professor of Economics, School of Business, Mount St. Mary’s University
Regulating Multinational Corporations: Incentives and Constraints
Hlako Choma,  Senior lecturer and Head of Department: Public Law, University of  Venda, South Africa
Potential Erosion of Ethical Sentiments: When Nurse, Patient and Institution Collide
Catherine R. Coverston and Jane Lassetter
A Pragmatic View of Thick Ethical Terms and Their Role in Public Policy Debate
John H. Dreher, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California
Towards Increasing Business Students’ Confidence in Facing an Ethically Confusing Business Environment:  A Strategic Management Approach
Susan J. Fox-Wolfgramm, Professor of Management, Hawaii Pacific University
An Economic–Financial Approach to Ethical Sentiments and the World Financial Crisis
Reza G. Hamzaee, Professor of Economics & Applied Decision Sciences, Department of Economics, Missouri Western State University
Globalization and World Consumption:  An Ethical Theological Discourse
Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Visiting Researcher, Georgetown Universit
Ethical Sentiments and the Role of Literature in the Jurisprudence Seminar
Lynn Penrod, Professor of French, Faculty of Arts, Modern Languages & Cultural Studies, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
The Myth of Numeracy:  The Accountant as Ethical Actor
MaryAnn Reynolds and Jesse Dillard
The Greening of Corporate Ethics
Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, Professor and Director, Centre for Environment, University of Toronto
With No God, Everything Is Permitted: Why Emerson and Habermas Are Wrong about Ethics and Politics
Paul Andrew Sukys, Professor of Philosophy and Law, Humanities Department, North Central State College
In Search of a Pedagogy for Character, Competence, and Fitness in Ethics Training for Graduate Psychology
Thomas Wall, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology, Seattle Pacific University
Malevolent Employees and Their Effect on the Ethical Culture of Business Organizations
Gay Lyn Spencer and Donald T. Wargo
Nurse-Physician perspectives on moral distress support the need to create a caring ethical work environment
Jill E. Winland-Brown, Dawn Chiarenza and Adam Dobrin
The Maldonado Dilemma: Is he or is he not intellectually disabled?
Vidisha Barua Worley, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, University of North Texas at Dallas