Volume 2010 No. 2

Vol 2010 no 2


The Trope of the Mulatta Woman in the Cottage in Nineteenth-Century African American Literature
Paula C. Barnes, Associate Professor of English, Hampton University
Harriett Beecher Stowe’s Abolition Soundtrack in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Cheryl C. Boots, Lecturer in Humanities, Boston University
The Creative Soul of Emily Bronte: A Study of the Role of Self-reflective Learning Theory in the Development of a Writing Genius
Janet Crosier, Assistant Professor of English, Springfield Technical Community College
The Forgiveness Factor In The Lives Of Two Literary Grandmothers
Geraldine Paulk DeFelix, Professor of English, Reading, and Humanities, Chipola College and Professor of English, The Baptist College of Florida
Art and Ardor: The Presence of the Divine in the Poetry and Prose of Vladimir Nabokov
Clifford L. Garner, Professor of English/Director, Mentor/Talented Student Honors Program, State University of New York: Rockland Community College
Women, Work and Bondage in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy
Ann E. Harris, Dean, College of Arts and Letters, Lincoln University
Aurora Leigh and The Portrait of a Lady: A Panorama of Art, Sexuality, and Marriage
Margaret A. McCann, Adjunct Professor of English, William Paterson University
The Dea(R)Th Of Female Presence In Early African Literature: The Depth Of Writers’ Responsibility
Christine N. Ohale, Professor, Department of English, Communications, Media Arts and Theatre, Chicago State University
Italian Futurist Women
Artemida Tesho, College of Staten Island
An Honorable Death? Or A Comparative Study of The Awakening by Kate Chopin and Murder is a Matter of Honor by Rana Husseini with an Emphasis on Gender Inequities
Katherine Thompson, Teacher, Edmonds Woodway High School

Women and Careers

Women Faculty in Higher Education: A Case Study on Gender Bias
Teri Bingham and Susan J. Nix
The experience of being a junior minority female faculty member
Tammy Boyd, Rosa Cintrón and Mia Alexander-Snow
Where We Are Now: A Review of the Oxford Round Table, Women at Work: Benefits and Barriers March 2010
Peggy Brandt Brown, Human Development Department, North Lake College
Women at the Boundaries
Adrienne S. Chan, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada
Women Sociological Faculty and Scholarship Success in the Heartland
Laura Colmenero-Chilberg, Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of History and Social Science, Black Hills State University
Reconciling the tension between the tenure and biological clocks to increase the recruitment and retention of women in academia
Catherine D. Clark and Janeen M. Hill
How Title IX and Proportionality Population Concepts Have Equalized Collegiate Women’s Sports Programs with Men’s Sports and Allows Spillover Gains For Women in The Workplace
Nina H. Compton and J. Douglas Compton, Esq.
From Domestic Violence to Sustainable Employment
Mary Crawford, Kerry Brown, Karyn Walsh and Donna Pullar
Reaching Critical Mass: Women in Faculty and Administrative Roles
Carol B. de Wet, Associate Dean of the Faculty, Professor of Geoscience, Franklin & Marshall College
Resisting Boundaries at Home, on the “Battlefields” of Iraq, and in Literature:  The 21st Century Woman Paying the Ultimate Sacrifice
Linda Earls, Associate Professor of English, Chesapeake College
Biblical Gender Equality in Christian Academia
Susan E. Elliott, Director, Department of Nursing, Biola University
“I Was Strangely Sexually Excited By How You Stood Your Ground In There”:  My Auto-ethnographic Story of Sexual Harassment in Higher Education
Leslee A. Fisher, Associate Professor, Department of Exercise, Sport & Leisure Studies
University of Tennessee
Women in the Academy: Female Leadership in STEM Education and the Evolution of a Mentoring Web
Susan T. Gorman, Meredith C. Durmowicz, Ellen M. Roskes, and Susan P. Slattery
Gender Inequity in Business Academia: Past and Present
Karen M. Hogan, Professor, School of Business, Saint Joseph’s University
Women’s Career Investment and the Returns:  Career Benefits and Barriers in the 21st Century Green Economy
Philomena M. Johnson, Career Coordinator―Career Services Center, Cleveland State University
Beyond “Opting Out:” Dissecting the Barriers Affecting Women’s Entrance and Success in Business
Thomas O. Jones Jr. and Beth Z. Schneider
Women in Leadership:  Persistent Problems or Progress?
Susan M. Kochanowski, Assistant Professor of Management, Marist College
Are Women in Information Era Jobs Overcoming Industrial Era Barriers?
A Study of the Impact of Organizational Characteristics

Tom D. McFarland, Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Business Administration, Tusculum College
To Climb or Not to Climb: The Probing of Self-Imposed Barriers that Delay or Deny Career Aspirations to be an Administrator in a Public School System
Janet M. McGee, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Research, Technology, and Leadership, University of Central Florida
Gender Pay Equality: The Effectiveness of Federal Statutes and Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
Linda J. Melconian, Esq., Assistant Professor, Suffolk University, Boston
Educating Women Students in the Academy to Confront Gender Discrimination and Contribute to Equity Afterward
Marcia Mentkowski and Glen Rogers
Addressing the Issue of Gender Equity in the Presidency of the University System in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region
Precious Guramatunhu-Mudiwa, Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership and Educational Studies, Appalachian State University
Women at the Top
Jenny Neale, Senior Research Fellow, Health Services Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Gender Equity in the University: The Unmet Agenda
Virginia Roach and Elaine El-Khawas
Discriminatory Rationalization: The Equity/Excellence Debate in Canada
Wendy J. Robbins, Professor, Department of English, Co-ordinator, Women’s Studies Interdisciplinary Program, University of New Brunswick
Media gender stereotypes and interpretations by female Generation Y
Euan Robertson, Institute of Communication Design, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, New Zealand
Breaking the Gender Barrier
Rachel L. Root, Music Chair, Trinity Lutheran College
The Status of Women at Canadian Universities and the Role of Faculty Unions
Aniko Varpalotai, Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario
Gendered Inequity in Society and the Academy: Policy Initiatives, Economic Realities and Legal Constraints
Pamela Waldron-Moore,  Leslie R. Jacobs Endowed Professor,  Chair, Political Science Department,  Xavier University of Louisiana
Mentoring, Organizational Rank, and Women’s Perceptions of Advancement Opportunities in the Workplace
Christa Ellen Washington, Chair, Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work, Saint Augustine’s College


Bildung—Then And Now In Danish High School And University Teaching And How To Integrate Bildung Into Modern University Teaching
Mogens Noergaard Olesen, Associate Professor, Department Of Economics, University Of Copenhagen
Being, Belonging and Becoming: Some Worldviews of Early Childhood in Contemporary Curricula
Theodora Papatheodorou, Professor of Early Childhood and Director of Research at the Faculty of Education, Anglia Ruskin University
A Gender Lens on Pedagogical Choice in Academia: Revisiting Hartlaub and Lancaster’s Study on Teaching Methodologies
Patricia Moss Wigfall and Paula Quick Hall

Foreign Affairs

Neo-Neo-Realism: A Note on Contemporary International Relations Theory and Foreign Policy Today  
Harvey Glickman, Professor Emeritus, Political Science Department, Haverford College
Beyond Realism and Idealism in Foreign Affairs
Natalya Tovmasyan Riegg, Professor of Political Science and Global Studies, University of Saint Mary
Human Development and Public Policy: An Assessment of Marxist Ideologies in India
Santosh Saha, Professor of History, Mount Union College

Art and Science

Museums and Planetariums: Bridging the Gap between Hawaiian Culture and Astronomy through Informal Education—A Case Study
Joseph E. Ciotti, Professor of Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics/Director of the Center for Aerospace Education, Windward Community College—University of Hawai‘i
The Arts & Humanities/Science & Technology: Historical Bedfellows
Peter A. Giscombe, Associate Professor of Art (adjunct), Thomas Nelson Community College, Hampton, VA and The Art Institute of Virginia Beach
Creative and Critical Thinking in the Arts and Sciences: Some Examples of Congruence
Scott L. Karakas, General Education Program Director / Associate Professor of Art History, Florida Gulf Coast University
Galileo Revisited: Conflicting Worldviews or Perceived Differences?
Richard E. Menninger, Andrew B. Martin Professor of Religion, Ottawa University
The Correlations in Intellectual Activity between the Arts and Sciences:
Creativity, Construction and Communication

Robert A. Spalletta, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, The University of Scranton


Abrahamic Religions: The Necessity of a New Perspective
Shadieh Mirmobiny, Assistant Professor of Art History, Folsom Lake College
Charles Darwin and the Meaning of Life: Emergence and Inherency in Evolution
Stephen C. Pryor, Associate Director, Old Westbury Neuroscience Research Institute, State University of New York, College at Old Westbury
God and American Expansionism
Charles M. Robinson III