Volume 2007 No. 1

Vol 2007 no. 1

Two Cultures

Toward a Synthesis of Science and Theatre Arts
Kaye DeMetz
Approaching A Possible Redefinition Of The Arts And Sciences: The Union Of The Two Cultures (With A Special Emphasis On The Discipline Of Music)
Leandro Espinosa
Of Blind Men and Elephants:  Some Thoughts on a Learning-Centered Approach for Bridging the Gulf Between the Arts and Sciences
Scott Louis Karakas
Philosophers and Technologists: Vicarious and Virtual Knowledge Constructs
Beverly D. McNeese
Bridging the Two Cultures: The Case of Science and Natural History Filmmaking
Walter C. Metz
Humanities & Arts to the Rescue of Science
Pangratios Papacosta
Cultural Synthesis in Research Pedagogy: The Puzzle of George Crabbe’s “The Voluntary Insane”
Sidney L. Sondergard
The Literary Moderns Revisited
Judith E. Stone
The Creation of a Subculture:  The Decline of  the Arts in a Society Dominated by Technology, Science, and Economics
Ronda M. Mains
A view from the trenches: Arts as an institutional requirement
Virginia Louise Vogel
The Third Culture—A Conversation About Truth And Reconciliation: An African Americanist’s Reflection On The “Two Cultures” Debate In Post-Modern Society
Josephine R.B. Wright
The Gap Narrows In Fine Art: Modernism And Women Artists
Alfred Martinez
Bridging the Abyss
Marianina Olcott
“The Two Cultures” and the Historical Perspective on Science as a Culture
Francesca Rochberg
Quantitative Literacy: A Means for Bridging the Chasm of the Two Cultures
Angela Owusu-Ansah, Stephen Chew and Gretchen McDaniel
The Two Cultures: A Zero-Sum Game?
Michael R. Scheessele
Bridging “The Two Cultures” through Aesthetic Education: Considering Visual Art, Science, and Imagination
Rikki Asher
Older Than Snow: The Two Cultures And The Yale Report Of 1828
William Todd Timmons
Bridging the Two Cultures: Disciplinary Divides and Educational Reward Systems
E. I. Schiferl
Minding the Gap—Artists as Scientists, Scientists as Artists: Some Solutions to Snow’s Dilemma
Jerry-Louis Jaccard
Art: A Constituent in Orders of Science
Onoyom Godfrey Ukpong
The Two Cultures and the Crisis In The Humanities
David Arndt
From Outside-In to Inside-Out: Rethinking The Two Cultures and the Contribution of C. P. Snow
Charles T. Vehse (Ted)


Towards A Model Of Literacy Learning For Young Augmented Speakers
Chloë Myers
Lessons from the Round Table:  Literacy Professionals Find Common Ground in Oxford
Wendy A. Paterson
The Impact Of Policy Driven Professional Development On Emergent Literacy Instruction
Kristen R. Pennycuff
Categorizing Language as Curriculum and Instruction: Implications for Teaching English Language Learners
Rachel Juarez-Torres
Distinguishing Sources of L2 Development Problems in K-12: Language Deficit, Cognitive Deficit, and Cognitive Distance
Yvonne Stapp
Time Well Spent: Phonemic awareness training or paired associate learning for children with language impairments?
Nancy Stockall


Frontiers, Empires, and the New World:The Significance of the Frontier in American Foreign Policy
Mark A. Eifler
Resolving Conflicts of Cultures Through Royce’s “Enlightened Provincialism”
Richard Hall
Globalization and Media: Do Twentieth-Century Concepts Remain Relevant?
Lyn Gorman
Movements of Peoples and the Genesis of “Soviet Spaces”
Gary Thurston
The United States and Coalition Building in the New International Order
William Thomas Allison
Ancient Paradigms and Modern Expectations: Is the United States acting like a normal state?
Chris Stadler
The Reagan Administration, The United Nations & Human Rights
Vernon J. Vavrina
China’s Economic Development from 1860 to the Present: The Roles of Sovereignty and the Global Economy
Stephen C. Thomas
Security and International Relations in the 21st Century:  United States’ Continuum of Counterinsurgency:  Anti-Communism to Anti-Terrorism
Laurie Ann Sprankle
“Can We ‘Teach Them to Elect Good Men’?  The Application of Military Force in Mexico and Iraq”
Steven Bucklin
America’s Changing Views of China: Through the Eyes of Janus
Robert G. Willgoos
Religion, Education and the Role of Government in Old Tibet
Daniel Perdue


Intersections of Identity: Navigating the Complexities
Angela Ferguson
‘The Rich and the Poor’: Eradicating Hunger in a “Global” Economy
Jo Ann Wein
Diversity and Public Policy in Relation to the Special Case of Intercountry Adoption
Karen Miller-Loessi
Societal Cultural Competence and Cultural Community Well-Being
Annette Woodroffe

Students and Issues in Education

The Effects of Mediated Learning Strategies on Teacher Practice and on Students at Risk of Academic Failure
Deborah Mann and Janet L. Hinds
The Impact of Immigration on Bilingualism among Indigenous American Peoples
Janet Goldenstein Ahler
A Comprehensive System of School Reform Based on Student Results
Mary E. Little
The Relationship Between Teacher Assessments And NCLB Mathematics Testing
Christopher Mark Herte
The Three Literacy Gaps and Title III of NCLB
June Hetzel and Ivannia Soto-Hinman


The Science-Faith Debate in Higher Education
Mary E. Carrington and Gary L. Lyon  
The Arabic Story: Mirror Of A Culture A Curriculum For The West
Olfat El-Mallakh
The Modern American “Widow,” the Church and the Formation of Public Policy
Nicholas Perrin
Overcoming Visible and Not So Visible Barriers to Women’s Leadership in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States
Colleen McNicholas
Violence and End-Time Theologies: The Search for a Responsible Eschatology
Natalie Kertes Weaver
The Identification, Assessment, And Amelioration Of Barriers To America’s Acceptance Of Evolutionary Theory
Richard F. Firenze
Public Financing of Religious Schools: James G. Blaine and Justice Clarence Thomas’ ‘Bigotry Thesis’
Kern Alexander
Teaching Geosciences in Mississippi
Christopher Dewey and Rodney W. Beasley
Evolution is not the Enemy; Intelligent Design is not the Solution
Carlos Frank Amory Pinkham

Child Psychology

Stability and Continuity in Normal Emotional Development between Infancy and Early Childhood: Longitudinal Research
Marta E. Losonczy-Marshall
The Relationship between Paternal Involvement and Child Outcomes in Male African American Youth
Josef A. Passley, Joan P. Gerring and Arlene C. Gerson
Relational Psychopathologies Of Adult Children Of Alcoholics
Sylvia Carol Held


Obesity and the Healthcare Professions: Cooperation or Assimilation?
Lonnie M. Lowery and Evelyn Taylor
Application of the Epidemiological Model: Community-based Interventions for the Management of Obesity in Children and Young Adults
Dinah Saunders and Barbara Harrison
Obesity and the Healthcare Professions: Cooperation or Assimilation?
Lonnie M. Lowery and Evelyn Taylor


From Blackstone’s Common Law Duty of Parents to Educate Their Children to a Constitutional Right of Parents to Control the Education of Their Children
Robert A. Sedler
How Would Blackstone Teach Today’s Law Students With Learning Disabilities?:  A Proposal
Suzanne J. Schmitz
The Legal Mind and Integrity in the Workplace: Principled Prerequisites for Statesmanship in Leadership
Robert J. McCarthy
Blackstone’s Canvas of Influence Redux:  Did He Contribute to the Construction of Ethics in American Education Law?
Russell A. Joki and Kathy Canfield-Davis
Failing to Heed Blackstone: A 50 Year Review of Tougher Sentences for Impaired Driving in Canada and How the Judiciary Strives to Avoid their Imposition
Blair Crew and Lawrence Greenspon


Journey to Healthy Aging: Impact of Community Based Education Programs on Knowledge and Health Behavior in Older Adults
Sue McLarry
The Link Between Healthcare, Sexuality, And Successful Aging
Richard Allen Williams
Caregiving To Aging Parents
Thomas J. Durant, Jr. and Ollie G. Christian
Aging-in-Place: Present Realities and Future Directions
Anne M. Burgess and Clifford G. Burgess
Translating Basic Research into Community Practice: The Cornell Institute for Translational Research on Aging (CITRA)
Elaine Wethington and Karl A. Pillemer


The Development of Technology-Based Counseling Strategies to Enhance Outreach to Parents and Students
Marie L. Wallace

Women’s Issues

Interconnectedness and Women’s Leadership:  Disability Rights Through the Lenses of Emancipatory Spirituality and Liberatory Theology
Carol Zitzer-Comfort
Black Women Writers as Dynamic Agents of Change: Empowering Women from Africa to America
Lena M. Ampadu
Piety, Pageantry and Politics on the Northern Great Plains: An American Indian Woman Restages Her People’s Conquest during the Era of Assimilation (1879-1934)
Susan Gardner
The Impact of a Gender Shift on a Profession:  Women in Pharmacy
Stephanie F. Gardner and Cindy D. Stowe
Contesting Patriarchy:  Granddaughters Fight Back
Andrea Catapano
A Critical Analysis of Gender-Based Workplace Challenges Facing Women:  Gender and Compensation
Prudence LaBeach Pollard
Definitions and Disasters:  What Hurricane Katrina Revealed About Women’s Rights
Lynne M. Adrian
The Academic Climate of Women Faculty in Faith-Based Institutions of Higher Learning
Jackie L. Halstead and Courtney Loy
The Untold Story: African American Women Administrators’ Alchemy of turning Adversity into Gold
Sydney Howe Barksdale

Criminal Justice

Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder: A New Approach for the Criminal Justice System
Judge David S. Admire
Petit Apartheid in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: An Analysis of Community Organization Data Documenting Work force Abuses of the Undocumented
Anna Ochoa O’Leary
Use of the Rule of Law to take the measure of HIV/Aids
Gregg W. Bonelli