Volume 2017 no 2

Vol 2017 no 2

Issues in Childhood Education

Review of the Research: Are Therapy Dogs in Classrooms Beneficial?, Jerri J. Kropp, Ph.D, CCLS, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia, Associate Professor, School of Human Ecology and Mikaela M. Shupp, BBA, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia (alumna), Academic Advisor, College of Business 
Teachers Left Behind by Common Core and No Child Left Behind, Roberta Levitt, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Special Education and Literacy, College of Education, Information and Technology, Long Island University Post
Incorporating Technology in Teaching Musical Instruments, Angelica Prodan, University of Redlands


Critical Issues

A Philosophical Approach to Claims about Vaccinations and Autism , Dr. Isidoro Talavera, Philosophy Professor and Lead Faculty, College of Arts, Sciences, & Technology, Franklin University, Ohio, United States
Microaggressions: How They are Committed and Contained, Priscilla G. Wilson, Jacksonville State University, Counselor Education, School of Education and Professional Studies
Monitoring the Pipeline: STEM Education in Rural U.S. Nancy Marksbury, Assistant Professor, Keuka College


Religion, Women and History

A Phenomenological Analysis of the Elements in Biblical ‘Genesis’: Chaos. Formal Creation, Law, and the resurgence of the ‘dimension of religious depth’ in the Gospel of Jesus Dr. John Roemischer (City University of New York, retired) and Jack Kenneth Roemischer (Xavier High School)
Significance of God in Literature,  Pauline Nugent, CCVI, Professor, Classics & Biblical Hebrew, Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Missouri State University