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VOLUME 2                NUMBER 1                              2006 





The Critical Theory of Religion: Toward an Open Dialectic Between                                     1

Religious Faith and Secular Experience and Knowledge

Rudolf J. Siebert                                                                                                  


While the People Sleep, Critics Weep                                                                                          33

Frances O’Connor


Teaching About Religion in a Pluralistic Society                                                                      54

David J. Bryant


Religion, Education and the Role of Government in Medieval Universities:

Lessons Learned or Lost?                                                                                                            73

Kimberly Georgedes


The Case for Local and State Settlement of Questions of American Church –

State Law: An Idea Whose Time Has Come, Gone, and is Still Gone                                   97

Michael deHaven Newsom


The American Taliban: The Social and Political Success of the Religious

Rights In the United States                                                                                                        139

George Lundskow                         


The Christian Right and American Public Education: 1980-2005                                          157

Fritz Detwiler


Beyond Informed Citizens: Who Are ‘The Wise’?                                                                187

Thomas Hughson