Volume 2018 no 1

Vol 2018 no 1

Educational Issues and Trends

A New Look at the Representations for Mathematical Concepts: Expanding on Lesh’s Model of Representations of Mathematical Concepts – Elizabeth Lee Johnson, Ph.D., Elementary Program Coordinator, University of South Carolina Beaufort

Literature, Language and the Arts

Alice Walker’s Jesus: A Womanist Paradox – Debra Walker King, Professor of English, University of Florida


Women and Education

Is Education a Basic Right for All? A glimpse into the Successes and Challenges in Enrolling this Marginalized Population  – Fawzia Reza, Ed.D., American College of Education, Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Adviser and Adjunct Faculty
Disappearing Feminists: Removing Critical Voices from Academe   – Jennifer L. Martin, Assistant Professor of Education, University of Illinois at Springfield and  Jane A. Beese, Associate Professor in the Educational Foundations, Research, Technology and Leadership Department, Youngstown State University 
Food for Thought: Food Insecurity in Women attending Community Colleges  –  Robin Spaid, Associate Professor, Morgan State University and Rosemary Gillett-Karam, Associate Professor, Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland
An Exploration of Contingent Faculty Experiences at a Private, Liberal Arts College  – Erin Vicente, Associate Professor of Communication, Lasell College, Newton, Massachusetts